Multi Function Chest Pull Expander – Black and Silver


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Multi Function Chest Pull Expander – Black and Silver


  • Product Name:Multi Function Chest Pull Expander
  • Colour:Black and Silver
  • Chest Expander & Hand Gripper (3 in 1)
  • 5 Springs, Removable Spring
  • Stainless carbon spring steel wire
  • Pulling Exerciser
  • Hand-Grip Strengthening
  • Using all 5 springs at once will challenge the strongest user
  • Light weight, easy to carry anywhere
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Multi Function Chest Pull Expander – Black and Silver Price in Bangladesh

Description : – Exercise with this Chest Pull exerciser to build your abdominal muscles and develop a flat and trim stomach. – Pulling and rowing movements simultaneously works on your abs and core muscles, legs, hips and thighs. – It burns calories and trims your body fat, melts away flab around your waist and hips to give you a flat and firm stomach. – It also strengthens your back and leg muscles And exerciser also functions as a hand gripper .Pull the inner handle. – Its steel springs will strengthen your arms, fingers, forearms to build a firm hand grip And exerciser has 5 steel spring coils that builds resistance and improve your fitness. – The springs can be removed or added back to adjust to your resistance level. Foot pedals allow you to rest your feet on them for rowing motions. – The ab exerciser is multifunctional fitness equipment that can be used in your home, gym or outdoors to build your muscles.


1. Do not use it while standing.

2. Use only with sneakers or bare feet

3. Do not let the unit slip off feet.

4. Spring hold not be stretched beyond 3’6″

5. Be sure straps are pulled up and snug over feet If the unit loosens on feet, stop exercising and pressure pedals and straps


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