Power Twister – Black 20kg


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Power Twister – Black 20kg


  • Product Types:  Twister
  • Durable and safe
  • Molded  plastic comfort grips
  • Wrist straps prevent injury or accidental slipping
  • Simply bend the bar for concentrated upper body workout easier
  • Ideal size for use any place any time and any where
  • Ideal for working on your wrists, forearms, chest, arms and shoulders
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Power Twister – Black 20kg Price in Bangladesh

Arms bent, curved spring force in the back of the neck.

Arms forward and upward bending of the spring, then relax.

Arms close to the chest, bending the spring, then straight, slowly relax.

100% Brand New And High quality

The Power Twister exercise tool is most interested in young people and who wants to have muscular arms and ideal with limited time. In the design of international fitness experts. The tools are reversion, small, easy to use, and the price is very cheap. Suitable for anyone and anywhere, boarding, apartment, office, even when you travel. It is very effective to form the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders, hands, wings and can be self-improvised for movement and muscle in shape.

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