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Slimming Belt – Meridian Health Care


  • Ultra Pro Compact Slimming Massage Belt is the latest addition to our range of slimming belts.
  • It is small yet effective, low on power consumption but still powerful enough to meet your slimming and massage requirements.
  • Works on vibration + oscillation methods and has got various modes and speeds to adjust to different body needs.
  • It comes with an extendable belt that makes it fit for every waist. You can use it on your waist to burn extra fat. Or you can use it to reduce fat on your thighs and calves area.
  • Not just slimming, this multi-functional belt will help you in improving blood circulation and reducing pain.
  • You can use it on your back to reduce back pain or your shoulders and neck to reduce muscle stiffness.
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1. The slimming belt reduces excess body fat and helps in weight loss.
2. The belt is suitable for use anywhere on the body.
3. Can be used by both men and women.
4. It is small yet functional and powerful enough to meet massage needs.
5. Reduces the effect of body pain and can be used comfortably.
6. Not just slimming, it helps your blood circulation.
* The days of suffering with fat and excess weight are over
*It will reduce your fat and bring a beautiful shape to your body; You will lose weight immediately

* Body massage can be done easily
* Spend only 10 to 15 minutes daily with sitting at your home or office,
* Get a slim figure from it!
* It is an easy to use slimming product
*It gives a slim body shape by increasing blood circulation through movement in specific parts of your body
*Dimensions (travel bag): 450 m. m×150 mm×90 mm
*Energy Source: Power Adapter
*Weight: 500 grams


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