Medical Air Mattress


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Medical Air Mattress



 PREMIUM DESIGN: The best recurring pressure mattress available in the market, with 130 independent air bubbles for balanced support and weight distribution. Each of the 130 air bubbles alternately inflate and deflate to create a mattress surface that evenly distributes a patient or loved one’s weight and eliminates pressure spots. Each air cell is heat sealed to ensure it will not leak for exceptional durability.

IT’S QUITE & COMFORTABLE: Adjustable pressure dial for precise airflow and a good night’s sleep. Variable pressure pump is ultra-quiet for restful sleep.

PAIN RELIEF: An alternating comfort mattress can help avoid and treat sore spots, pressure ulcers, and other pressure sores.

 DURABLE: Medical grade PVC is strong enough to support up to 130 kg. The hose is both flexible and non-binding.

 ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE SETTINGS: The pressure of this air bubble mattress can be adjusted easily.

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PREMIUM DESIGN: Best alternating pressure mattress with 130 individual air bubbles, for even support and weight displacement. Ultra-quiet pump.

COMFORTABLE: Variable pressure dial for precise airflow, and restful sleep.

PAIN RELIEF: Alternating pressure mattress helps prevent and also relieve pain from sore spots, pressure spots, and pressure ulcers.

DURABLE: Heavy-duty MEDICAL GRADE PVC will hold up to 130 kg’s. Flexible non-binding hose.


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